Your little secret agent will be amazed with this classified celebration.

Operation Birthday Party is set in motion right from the start when each special agents receives their top secret invite with mission details. This party is full of mystery and intrigue, and will leave your spies thrilled from the start of Operation Birthday, to mission complete.


Secret Agent Box includes:

  • Table Setting:

  • 12 Black and White or Red and White plates

  • 12 Mustache print straws

  • 12 Red and White or chevron cups

  • 25 Black and White chevron napkins

  • 12 Black cup cake wrappers with mustache toppers

  • Chevron flag bunting

  • 12 Treat bags

  • 12 Spy thank you tags with pegs

  • 1 Finger Print Record Cards and ink pad

  • 12 Secret codes and ciphers

  • 12 Memory Training Test

  • 12 Personalized Invitations*

*At checkout please complete the Invitations form and allow 24 hours for a poof to be sent via email for final confirmation before going to print.

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Each Disguise Kit includes:

  • Mission #1

  • Eye glasses

  • Stick on moustache

  • Magnifying glass

  • Laser finger pointer

  • Invisible ink pen with UV light

  • Special agent security clearance tag

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