The Sunny Beach Town of Mount Maunganui is where Fully Loaded was Conceived...

...Just a sparkle in our minds eye. It wasn't until friends and family convinced us to just man up and get the party started so to speak that we decided to launch our baby lovingly named Fully Loaded, with the concept that every box received would be just that! Always up for a good party, with an over keen eye for detail and a love of games and all things that generate interaction, it seemed like a natural path.

 Lets face it most of us spend the better part of life grinding and hustling! So we are big believers of celebrating milestones and life's wins big or small. Moments in time when friends and family come together to create lasting memories. And that's where we can help.....

 A lot of thought and planning has gone into each Fully Loaded box, so you don't have to.


 While our focus is on parties for the little people in our lives for the time being, we are super excited at the future of Fully Loaded when we expand into Baby Shower, Engagement, Wedding, Christmas and Easter parties and oh so much more. (Date night box anyone?)


But until then happy shopping and party on!

John & Nicole xxx



We strive to provide excellence in customer service


Using innovative ideas to create parties that make the heart sing


It’s in all that we do and will translate to your party