Clue # 1: Im a lover of FBI movies, Mystery novels and I'm weirdly obsessed with the Crime & Investigation channel. And on a trip to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC I became intrigued with the cold war and double was here the Secret Agent Party idea was born.

I just have to say, this theme is perfect for your little aspiring Bond or Agent Evelyn Salt, whose full of imagination and problem solving. 

Fully Loaded Secret Agent Party Pack


If you want to make an impact with your guests, first impressions are critical. Operation invitation is made easy with these admit tickets asking the new recruits to report to headquarters AKA the party location. Cracking the secret code encrypted on the invite will gain your guests entry. Customised invites allow you to make certain requests too, so if you require your spies in training to come in disguise or wearing combat training attire, you can.


Right, so you have set the tone with the invites and created a little intrigue, now setting the scene and creating the right atmosphere will take this party to the next level. I've used a red and black colour palette, chevron pattern and mustache accents which help to achieve a bold statement. 

Fully Loaded Secret Agent Black Mustache Cup Cake Cases and Topper


Its imperative background checks and a screening process is implemented to weed out any potential double agents, so as each recruit arrives verify their cover by requesting the secret code and then begin finger printing, to keep on file, then issue a special clearance tags.

Secret Agent Party Finger Print Card

Concealing ones identity and the art of deception is #lifeofaSecretAgent so a top notch disguise kit is key. It includes: 

Secret eyewear and a stick on moustache help change appearance. A pretty darn cool invisible ink pen with a uv light to reveal top secret messages, mini magnifying glass for enhancing clues and a finger laser pointer for zeroing in on a target. These kits are a great way to kick off the party and double as the party favour making a great take home gift. 

Fully Loaded Secret Agent Party Disguise Kit

No training would be complete without intelligence testing, a series of missions keep your party recruits entertained and engaged. Mission # 1 is hidden within the disguise kit and is a test of recognition in the form of a word (all things spy of course) finder.  Mission # 2 test speed and perception with a code breaker and cypher. Mission # 3 is all about observation and tests the memory.

Secret Agent Party Code Breaker

Mission Complete 

You can have so much fun with this theme, get creative with themed food and additional games for example, Check out the Lie Detector app Truth & Lie Detector Scanner

Stay safe out there.

Nicole x