It’s Christmas Eve,
Just one more sleep to go,
Lets get ready for Santa,
Who’s travelling through the snow.
You’re on the nice list
and deserve this little surprise.
Enjoy your Christmas Eve box,
You won’t believe your eyes


Make the lead up to Christmas extra special this year with a Christmas Eve Box a lovely festive tradition the family can enjoy. 

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Fully Loaded christmas eve Box includes:

  • Nice List Certificate
    - Don’t forget to write in your child’s name when you receive your box.

  • Christmas Pencil and Letter to Santa
    - Where your child can reflect and share the kind things they have done this year, Just for some good measure with the big fella.

  • A DIY Bauble

  • Reindeer Food

  • Santa's magic Key and Believe Charm

  • Christmas Bauble - complete with drinking chocolate and mini marshmallows

  • Molly Woppy gingerbread cookie

  • Mini Candy cane

  • Kick back together sipping on hot chocolates and enjoy a Christmas movie or story together as a family.

  • New Zealand Only

All boxes will be dispatched December 14th

Sibling boxes available on request please use the Contact Us tab